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Friction Arts have been making ‘art where you live’ for over 16 years. Friction listen to people, work with them and then translate their thoughts and ideas into high quality contemporary artworks which communicate to the wider world whilst remaining true to the voices of the people they originate with. These artworks may be performances, installations, interventions, publications or whatever is appropriate to the context of the project Friction firmly believe in the transformative nature of the arts, with communities and individuals, and are committed to expanding the reach of the arts into places they have not been before.

Friction have a unique ability to engage with people, particularly those who may not have engaged with the arts before and are able to immerse themselves in a situation, in order to take those they work with on a challenging journey.  We are driven by our ethics and our belief in social justice, real equality and that by working together we can all have a better quality of life, whatever our material circumstances.

Friction leave to visit our Friesian exchange partners  Stichting Asteriks on 4th April, stopping off at Ecokot in Antwerp for a meeting of the Tandem programme and taking a return trip via the architect-artists in the watertower Kitev. We’ll be back on 16th April.

A best-of brochure showing highlights from five years of programmes.


2 Responses to Friction Home

  1. Lisa Karim says:

    I am an ex-resident of Highgate with a family history in the area from 1952. My Grandfather was the first Kashmiri in the area.
    I have set up and run Old HIghgateonians which is a facebook community group, a website and an individual display show for history events.
    Looking forward to working with the great team at Friction Arts in the future.

  2. Mary says:

    I like a lot of your work. Congratulations

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