Coming soon – qualifications!

We’re delirious (in more ways than one) to announce a forthcoming exhibition at the Edge as part of our ‘Close to the Edge’ programme.  PHD will feature work from the Darknosis project. In their own words:

Peter Harry and Diane (PhD) will bring their varied talents to this project.Diane and Harry, both from a fine art background will do a bit of that.

Peter will move a lot of furniture about.  Diane is a brilliant drawer so there’s going to be brilliant drawings.  Harry is a well established (misplaced) humorous performance artist, so there will be curious performance artistry.

Peter will do something.

Diane has a firm grasp of her brief, so expect some of


Check out their website for further details, but be sure that they’re not lying when they say it won’t be just another art show, see you there.

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