Mad March coming soon, already

It’s the end of February already – soon be Christmas I guess – so Mad March will be upon us very soon.  We had a great gig last Friday, with encore’s and plaudits from the headliners, Milky Wimpshake – ‘favourite venue on the European tour’.  Aaawwww, shucks – it was great to have you guys here, indie to the bone…

So, next up we have lovely Sonic Asylum next Friday 2nd March (see below for details).  The usual eclectic mix of healing live acts on and offstage, this time we’ve got four acts and two DJs – all for three quid – how do we do it?  Well, mainly by not getting paid (though all the acts are!), it’s a labour of love.  So, come on down to the Edge, relax and be healed and transported by the great music and the chilled family atmosphere.  We welcome everyone here at the Edge (we’re physically accessible and equipped), no matter what age.  Last Sonic we had a young girl tucked up fast asleep next to the stage during a particularly mad drum solo (more a drum freakout), she didn’t bat an eyelid and slept straight through the whole gig, safe and snug. No need for babysitters at the Edge. (It’s not a creche, though, at your own risk, etc) 😉

The very next day, Saturday 3rd we have our annual residency by those crazy travelling folk, The Nomadic Academy of Fools!  They’ll be running workshops over the weekend and through the week, leading to performances the following weekend.  Check  back or get in touchfor more details.  If you’re into theatre I urge you to go to some or all of the workshops – they will change your life.  Jonathan Kay, the ‘foolish Lecoq’ (my words, not his and don’t tell him I said it) turned me from a non-performer to someone who isn’t afraid to stand in front of 5000 people and make a tit of myself (and I have). The workshops are cheap as chips and work on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.  Super recommended.

Flatpack – we’ve got two great events over the Festival.  On the Friday night we have a Outersight special – big screen projections, live sounds, unseen footage galore, all curated by Brian Blessed’s little brother, Scott from filficciones – chemical brain augmentations unnecessary, the visuals will do the job!  More info (and more to come) on the festival website.

The Saturday night (17th March) we have an extra super special secret, limited edition, never-to-be-repeated event- Outersight Overnight.  A very lucky 20 people only will be coddled to sleep by South American peasants after a strange ritual led by a mysterious shaman, all on a massive bed in a specially created jungle mountaintop retreat.  In the heart of Digbeth. You’ll be able to cuddle up overnight, with filmic magic projected over your head, slipping in and out of consciousness while being watched over by our team of servile shepherds.  Snap those tickets up when they’re out! (keep checking the flatpack website.)

Later in March, there’s more to come, including a vegan festival (BRAVE) and loads more, watch this space!

Loads of good Friction news, too, but I’ll save that for later 😉

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