Ever since the 2nd May 2014, the First Friday of every month in Digbeth is a jam-packed evening of varied events. Friction hosts our own event at the Edge and there are dozens of other simultaneous events in and around Digbeth.

Go ‘Over The Edge’ with Friction for a night of fun and peculiarity. Punk rock, comedy, cinema, or spontaneous life-coaching: anything could happen when you go over the Edge. There may be music! There may be videos! You’ll know when we do – keep your eyes peeled and we’ll keep you posted.

To find out about what else is on in Digbeth on the First Friday of the month, go to www.digbethfirstfriday.com.

First Friday isn’t an original idea, but it does answer a long standing problem. Holly, a volunteer taking part in the Digbeth Speaks project was interviewing Sandra Hall about her experience of the Digbeth cultural sector, and Sandra turned the question around – after interviewing so many people in the area, what did the volunteer think about Digbeth? Her answer was thoughtful and challenging: there was a lot going on in Digbeth, great resources and inspiring work taking place, but everything was fragmented and that made every organisation in the area weaker. There was no way to build on the mutual strength in the area. So we got a few local movers and shakers together, pitched the idea and Bob was our uncle.

Visitors to Digbeth on a First Friday are offered an amazing experience. They might start the evening with a spot of shopping at Provide; stop off for street food at Digbeth Diner; go on to an exhibition at Grand Union and wrap things up at PST night club with some heavy reggae. Or maybe they will start with an Irish film screening at the Spotted Dog; catch a new band night at the Rainbow; relax in a shisha lounge and finally grab a midnight bite to eat at an Edible Eastside bonfire event.

We almost always have an event every month, check the news page for what’s coming up. More often than not it’s First Friday Frolics  – organised by Artists on the Edge and featuring… Well, there’s a thing, something else that’s hard to describe. A gently fucked up cabaret, perhaps. There’s always a range of performances  to savour, from regulars Dr David Ethics, standup ontologist, the Diva and Orchestra or Not, to visiting artists, poets and performers. All  finished off by some of the most eclectic music in the city and of course, Albert’s famous vetkoek.

For details of what’s on this month, check our Facebook page.

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