As well as the regular First Friday Frolics, the Edge hosts an eclectic range of events and exhibitions. On the last Sunday of the month we host Sunday Express, ‘organised’ by Brendan Higgins and James Kennedy¬† – an ‘open mic’ style event that sees a wide range of some of Birmingham’s best and worst performers share a stage. Sunday Express runs (in theory) from 4ish to 9ish in its wonderfully ramshackle way – free entry.

We also host an ad hoc series of events and exhibitions :

  • one-off events like a fundraiser cabaret¬† to build a statue of Mary Wollestonecraft
  • exhibitions like our ‘Echoes’ show or AOTE’s Live Exhibition
  • community events like Yard Talk
  • seminars and talks like ‘The Great Excursion’ with international artists
  • dinners and dialogues, consultations and conversations – food is important to us
  • the occasional music gig- usually something we like or out of the ordinary
  • non-public hires like theatre rehearsals or testing out other artworks
  • informal drop-ins all the bloody time, especially when we’re really busy, but what can you do?
  • anything else we can imagine with a few thousand square feet, a yard and a ton of tools and equipment

Check the news page or our social media feeds for details of upcoming events

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