We’re ‘members’ of a few International networks, most notably:

  • Tandem. We spent a large part of 2014 going back and  forth between Birmingham and Friesland on our Tandem project. Tandem, run by ECF and Mitost seeks to match cultural managers and activists from two European countries and give them a framework for co-operation across borders. We had a pretty intense Tandem, and though challenging, it did lead to a lot of learning. Once you’ve been through the Tandem mill, you become an alumnus of the programme and part of a network that spans Europe and its neighbours. Since we ‘graduated’ , we have continued to partner with other people from  the network, and although not directly involved, still have contact. In Summer 2015 the Edge played host to 25 or so Tandem participants,  which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for other artists in the city

  • Goat Milk Festival. Every year at the end of May, a bunch of us go to Northwestern Bulgaria for the annual Goat Milk Festival. It’s hard to  describe Goat Milk, it’s a gathering of about three hundred (or fewer) people in a remote village, where there’s no hotels, shops or much in the way of facilities (there’s a great water fountain). The festival itself is based around the collective memory of this troubled part of Europe and the subject matter is often quite serious and weighty. There’s a few workshops, maybe a screening, the odd musical performance, a local ‘bar’ in a converted villager’s house – and not much else. Still, we return year on year, as it is such a fantastic gathering of people from all over the world. If you’re Goat Milk family, you’re real family and we’ve been visited by and visited people from all over. We’ve worked with artists we met at Goat Milk and attended their projects, events and festivals.
  • Informal networks. For the past 10 years or so, we’ve made international projects, delivered seminars and workshops across 4 continents. Consequently we have friends, allies and supporters in the far flung corners of the world. International learning is important to us – sharing our work with others and learning from theirs is key to what we do. There are few parts of the world where we don’t have contacts, and for those places we don’t, its only a matter of time…

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