Over 15 years we’ve developed a series of ‘mind-mapping’ techniques that aid with personal, professional and artistic development. We work with groups of people of all ages, backgrounds and professions to really delve into their history to inform their future direction.

The workshops last a full day, and are an intensive, yet extremely enlightening process. We begin by creating a ‘past map’, looking at the participants history in detail – the ‘eureka’ moments, the people, places and events that have made them who they are. We take time over this and allow people to really reflect and create a large drawing to make a visualisation of  their life to date.

We then share these amongst the group, with the facilitators and participants asking about the map, pointing out what they see, drawing out the hidden gems and patterns.  This is a often a very intense and emotional experience – few of us ever take the time to stand back and look at who we are and how we got there – and it’s important that the information remains confidential within the group.

We then create ‘future maps’, looking at each participants aims, objectives and dreams for their future – how far away they feel. The group and facilitators then discuss ways these aims can then be brought closer.

This is a very simple version of what is a highly developed and skillfully facilitated process.  The facilitators have worked with hundreds of participants for over 15 years and have developed the high emotional, spiritual and social intelligence to do so.  They have an extremely broad knowledge of the creative and cultural sectors that is equalled by few, and have effectively helped people from across the board develop their careers and themselves through this process.

A housing officer told us of her desire to run an arts centre. We took her through the mapping process and a couple of years later she called us to tell us she had just started her new job – running an arts centre. A direct result, she told us, of her mapping session.  Many participants have informed us of changed  jobs, directions and sometimes careers as a result of attending one of our mapping days. The process of seeing your past and future drawn out in front of you, added to a sensitive but challenging facilitation process can be a transformative experience.

We love the sessions and always begin our development processes with them – no two maps are the same and no two sessions are the same and we usually get as much as we give in the process – not least the honour of being invited into people’s past, and their dreamscape.

To find out more, drop us a line, or even better, give us a call.

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  1. Mooketsi
    17th January 2019

    I’m very happy about what I understood at the above statement, and like to also say am a very passionate young adult who loves art. Am an artist, not by skill but by talent..I believe my passion for drawing was given to me by God’s hands, for me drawing is not hard its a dream come true. Paper or walls, doesn’t really matter, am good at both. I love drawing MAPS, capable of EVACUATION PLANS..also 3D ANGLE ART, OUTLINE SKETCHES, TOP VIEW ART but no desire for HOUSE PLAN ART. Please I’d love an opportunity of working as an artist at your presence, or rather being your trainee. I don’t have the certificates but I have the heart. May God bless you for reading my true talented sentence. LOVE EVERYONE.


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