Stories are central to what we do. Stories are central to everything that we all do, and we’re passionate about sharing and preserving people’s stories. So we make stories a part of all our projects and artworks, because they’re all about people and people are all about their stories. We are interested in history and heritage, people and places and this is reflected in the work we do. Projects like Echoes which show this directly and other projects like Coming Back, which tell stories in an entirely different, more visceral way show our fascination with the way humans interact and have interacted with the world.

We have been fortunate in developing a relationship with people who care about heritage and history.  Large organisations like the Heritage Lottery Fund, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Library of Birmingham, but also grassroots heritage groups like the Old Highgateonians and the Irish Heritage Society. We’re currently working with the Birmingham branch of Troops Out on preserving their 40+ year archive.  We hosted the archive of TURC and BCMA for two years while it was digitised, as Vivid were no longer able to host it.

We hope to keep sharing people’s stories, as well as our own growing archive, well into the futue.

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