We’ve been coming to the Sunday Market for over 20 years, as customers, sometimes as traders and sometimes as artists. In 2001 we made ‘Sunday Best’, with 6 artists making art from the market, and in 2015 we ‘re-booted’ this (sorry) with ‘Marketing Time’.  We’re currently working on ‘Wholesale Memory’, trying to capture the stories and unique culture of the market (on Sunday and the rest of the week) before it is demolished and redeveloped in early 2018. You can see some of the results of our work at www.frictionarts.tumblr.com 

Over the Summer of 2017 we will be making a series of interventions to celebrate the Sunday Market, including bringing live musicians (let us know what music you’d like to hear), and other small artistic outings, like free bootsale photo portraits from professional photographers. We think the Sunday Market is important to Birmingham, it’s a great social space as much as a vital economic resource for both traders and customers, and the city will be a much poorer place when it does finally close.  Over the next few months we all need to be working together to ensure that, whatever happens at the Smithfield site, the Sunday Market will live on in some form and there are ways that you can help this to happen, from getting involved in social media relating to the market to finding alternative options for the market’s future. If you want to find out more about what we are doing or how you can help get in touch.

Sadly, the Sunday Market closed for the final time on January 28th 2018.  There are currently no plans by the city council to continue the market, either at the existing site or the new site at Witton.  However we are committed to find a way to ‘reboot’ the market, somewhere in central Birmingham in the Spring of 2018.  Watch this space.

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