The Wholesale Memory Exhibition at the Wedge is currently closed – the exhibition is now housed in the gallery at the Library of Birmingham, until 7th April.


For the next few months, until the demolition begins onsite, we are holding an exhibition at the Wholesale Memory Hub (below), on site at the Smithfield precinct. This free exhibition will be open each Sunday from 8am-1pm, and Wednesday from 7am-12 noon and consists of exhibits about the 900 year history of markets on the site, contemporary photographs and interviews with traders, workers and customers and the relatively recent history of the Sunday carboot sale. We’ve been working as artists on the site since 2001 and have gathered a unique archive of photographs, artefacts and interviews with some of the fascinating characters that inhabit Smithfield.

Bearing in mind the market is a working site, and with health and safety in mind, if you do visit, make sure to watch out for barrows and forklifts whizzing about.  You can either park up offsite – or get one of the many public transport options and walk in through the Pershore Street entrance – the hub is situated diagonally opposite the main entrance in the wedge-shaped centre block building (we call it The Wedge), with the entrance nearest you as you reach the block. Or you can ask the guys guarding the gates nicely and they should be able to direct you straight to us. On Sundays the site is open to the general public for the bootsale – we’re situated straight ahead of the Sunday entrance and on the left. We’re around at other times, too and are happy to open for group bookings or by appointment – just call 07518814386 to book.


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