This week’s fun

Another action-packed week for Friction and the Edge.  First up, we’re launching Residuum at the Back to Backs, in partnership with the National Trust and Dreams of Tall Buildings. See below:



If you come to the launch on Thursday, it’s free, otherwise usual National Trust fees apply.  It’s well worth a look around, this is living history, with the added layer of Dreams of Tall Building’s interpretation of the space through a series of sound installations.  Having heard the work in situ myself I can say it is powerful and moving work which really brings the sense of time and layers of history in the B2B’s to life.

PHD show is still at the Edge, with investigations continuing into the Darknosis project and nightly performances by Harry Palmer in his investigation laboratory/cage.  Another top show if you haven’t been yet, and worth seeing again as it develops.

Finally we are off today on our adventure to Johannesburg, South Africa on Visiting Art’s ‘Square Mile’ project.  We’ll be back at the end of November, meanwhile things continue almost as normal at the Edge.  Zara will be looking after all things Friction for us, and Happy Artist will continue, the last Friday of the month.  Wish we were  there!

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