What’s Going On?

After a very busy start to Spring here at the Edge, April is a bit more of a chilled month.  We’re planning a whole range of stuff for May, but until then you can get your fix of Edge activity at a couple of great events.

Firstly, FizzPOP, our resident hackspace posse are hosting a fantastic event:


Unfortunately, the demand for the workshops has been high, so there’s no places left on that  -though there may be a place if someone drops out, so worth getting in touch.  It’ll be well worth coming to the theremin performance anyway – who doesn’t like theremins?

If you are in Liverpool over the next couple of weeks – go and check out our friends the Nomadic Academy of Fools, especially if you missed their residency at the Edge, well worth the ticket price (by donation).  Talking of which, here’s a lovely testimonial they sent us after their visit:

‘The Edge is a warm, welcoming and adaptable space, able to support flexibility for the artist and open to initiative found in the moment. Our week spent at The Edge covered many different events, looking after a dozen artists as well as audience, and we found the space flowed effortlessly between a safe workshop environment, a homely retreat for the artists to relax in and a vibrant hub of evening activity. During post production the team were helpful and pro-active and the evaluation was full of juice to aid in future development. The Edge is a shining light for innovative creativity’

So we must be doing something right, then.

Next up will be ‘Sonic Asylum’ on 6th May (in this case asylum in the sense of sanctuary).  So beat those election night blues with some great music and performances from the Wilderness of Manitoba and other special guests (we’ll be announcing a full programme soon), interactive sound installations and loads of fun sonic-related activities.

After that we’ll be taking a group of artists over to the Goat Milk Festival in Bulgaria for a week or two, before returning with Raycho Stanev, to install his work ‘The Great Excursion’ as part of this year’s BASS Festival.

And after that, well, you’ll have to wait, but we hope to be announcing some more, really exciting news very soon.

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  1. Lee

    woohoo!!! Have an amazing time – we can’t make this weekend, unfortunately, we’re going up next week instead. Come and tell us all about it when you’re back.

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