As you may all well know, we were great fans of the Sunday carbootsale at the Wholesale Market, and like many people were gutted when it closed.  It was a special place where working class people from all backgrounds and from across the city could meet, hang out and swap items and bargains, conversation and kindle friendships. So when it closed we decided we’d find a way to resurrect it, in one form or another. So welcome to Birmingham’s Sunday Share, a place where each Sunday Morning we can come together to ‘meet and chat, share, buy and sell, and enjoy activities’ -together.

To start the ball rolling we partnered with Active Streets to close Rea St South (just a stone’s throw from the old market at the Wholesale), brought some of the old team together and are working to grow ‘BSS’ into something as special as its predecessor. For a month over the Summer we ran the share as a pilot in order to find out whether it would be possible to ‘reboot’ the market, and to try and connect with as many of our market friends as possible.  The pilot went well, we’ve managed to find out what we need and will this has helped us to work out things with Birmingham City Council so we can get the market back where it belongs.

If you’d like further information you can write to us at or call Polly on – 07729092959 or go to our Facebook page

We look forward to seeing all our old friends again at Birmingham’s Sunday Share on February 17th – keep checking back for more details

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