Culture Club is a new project by Friction in collaboration with artist Sarah Kaur.

Culture Club brings together young people to discuss their identities and experiences in Birmingham.  The young people will learn about their cultural histories through the context of exploring artists and their art. The curriculum will be co-designed in response to the young people, their backgrounds, and experiences. They will research and try out a range of arts activities, while exploring their identities, and share these with the other young people in the group and with their communities by exhibiting their work in venues local to them and online.

We will be working with young people after school aged 8-13 for our initial pilot project, which will run from late March until May 2021.  There will be weekly sessions with two small groups where the young people will learn news skills, and new things about their history and their identities.  The pilot is designed to help us to build a relevant curriculum for future iterations of the project, co-designed with young people and their families.  The vision for the project is to eventually have a permanent ‘Culture Club in every neighbourhood’. If you have a young person at home who would like to attend, email for more information.

Young persons drawing of Vanley Burke