As the current exhibition of Home at the Hippodrome has finished, we’ve made the images available here for participants, friends and family to enjoy – along with anyone else who’d like the experience. To access the Augmented Reality stories just follow these simple steps –

Click on the image you want to enjoy, and make it nice and big for the best experience

Go to your favourite app store and download and install the free AR app, UniteAR

Open the app, and when it’s loaded up, tap the little icon at the bottom of the screen

Hold your device up to the image to scan and the audio will load automatically – you don’t need to keep your device pointed at the image to listen, you can hold it up to your ear if you like

If you’re in a noisy environment, headphones are recommended

If you’re having trouble scanning an image, closing and re-opening the app will usually fix it, like with any relatively new technology there can be the odd glitch

Find the photographs below and enjoy…


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