Why we’re not ready yet

Posted on Jul 16, 2021 in Uncategorized | No Comments
image of crow with mask

We’ve decided to remain closed to public events for the foreseeable future in order to continue to protect our artists, participants and audiences. People’s safety is always at the front of our thoughts and, until we are fully convinced it is safe to do so, we are not prepared to risk the health or wellbeing of our people.  We will be reviewing the situation as time goes on and keep everyone updated.  Meanwhile our space is still available for artists, theatre makers, musicians or anyone else from the creative sector that needs somewhere to practice, develop new work or rehearse, whilst maintaining socially-distanced and infection averse practices. We still have literally gallons of sanitiser and hundreds of masks, should you need them.  Let’s all hope we’ll soon have precedented times and we can all come together safely soon.