Turn up. Bring ideas. Make things happen.

Art Club is a series of free art workshops for young people lead and organised by contemporary Brummy artists. In the words of one artist-

“Art club is a portal into art for young people. It is a place for them to experiment, to try out a range of artforms and processes, and to explore their world through making art. It is a foundation course for foundation courses, where eclectic approaches to art making can be tasted, and followed through if the taste is good. It is a place for fun, for meeting others from outside your peer group, who have a shared interest in the arts. It is a place for visual art, drama, dance, for painting, drawing, sculpting, and sometimes just making a mess. It’s a chance to meet artists working in all kinds of artforms, to hear their stories and to learn from them, and sometimes to teach them. Above all, it’s a place for sharing, ideas, art and thoughts, and to find ways to express and communicate this to others, and with each other.”

Art Club is a good place for young people to experiment with different art forms. Activities change over time and will move between visual arts, drama, photography, film, music, dance and more.

Art Club is lead by practising artist Nita Newman and supported with visiting artists from a range of artforms. It is organised by Friction Arts who have made art in Birmingham and Internationally for over 20 years.


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