The Edge

The Edge is our studio and headquarters, it’s where we make our work, organise our projects and often where we find our inspiration.  The Edge is a truly artist-led space, but we don’t just want it to be for artists.  We see the Edge as a place where artists can interact and interface with a wide community of people and to this end have started to refurbish the place appropriately.



So what are we going to do with the Edge?

We’re aware that there are far too few venues in our city, so want to make our space contribute towards filling the void in its small way.  In keeping with its name, we intend to make the work and events at the Edge, well ‘edgy’ – so we want to celebrate the margins, the excluded, the overlooked, the unappreciated.  We want to create opportunties for artists to make work that stretches and explores these margins, and to create an ever-changing programme of exhibitions, projects and events which will bring people to the Edge and take the Edge to them.

We have completed phase 1 of the refurbishment of the space, kindly sponsored by the Sita Trust and intend to build on this great start to create an accessible, comfortable and unintimidating venue where art and artists can sit together with both local and wider communities


You can find the Edge here

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