Image of a white gallery space. There are black and white photos on the left wall. In front, there is an antique red leather sofa, behind that is a blue wall with lots of smaller framed black and white photographs, displayed salon style

Sited at the iconic Library of Birmingham, in the 3rd Floor Gallery space for three months over summer 2023, this exhibition featured a wide range of artwork from our archives, as well as new pieces created specifically for the exhibition. We explored the evolution of Friction Arts’ practice over the past three decades or so, as well as our commitment to creating accessible and inclusive art experiences.

The exhibition included a variety of media, including photography and visual art. The work was drawn from Friction’s extensive collection, as well as from new commissions created by artists from the company and associated with us.

We’ve got a strong connection to our city and its people, as you could see from the work on show. Birmingham is our home, and our work seeks to highlight the highs and lows, rights and wrongs and find ways to connect and celebrate the people that make it so very special.

The exhibition was accompanied by a series of public programs, including artist talks, workshops, and performances. These programs provided opportunities for visitors to learn more about Friction Arts’ work and to engage with the artists in conversation.

This exhibition was a celebration of Friction’s past and present, and a look forward to its future and was a fascinating glimpse into our work for those interested in contemporary art and the power of art to connect people and communities.

Photography copyright Soheila Javaheri