Boxing Clever was a series of regular, free weekly workshops, offline, for mature LGBTQIA people interested in developing their creativity running throughout 2022, crafted by Albert Smith and Davy Manuel:

 “We want to create a safe creative space where people can explore alternative creative art methods, in the company of like-minded individuals.”

Workshops included bread-making, arts/crafts, painting and photography. The group will had the opportunity to create an exhibition guided by their interests.

Albert is an artist and bread maker who has been baking bread since childhood. He was taught by his grandfather and started his bread making enterprise following a major depressive illness and used bread baking as a therapeutic tool. Albert continues his passion for making bread and performance art and has worked on performances and exhibitions locally with organisations such as Eastside Projects, Friction Arts and Vivid, as well as internationally in Bulgaria, Serbia and his native South Africa.

Davy is a qualified textile technician and painter who specialises in arts and crafts. He is also a retired maths, science and English teacher. Davy has been involved in various art projects, including Everything Must Go in Birmingham’s former Wholesale Markets.

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