Culture Club, Week 4: Animals and Nature

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Get ready to read up on this week’s Culture Club in which we focused on animals and nature! Our members got to create drawings of different animals and learn about the tragedies that have led to them being extinct or endangered.

We began the session by discussing what extinct animals our members already knew about. They discussed animals such as the golden toad that they knew came from Costa Rica and the dire wolf that, as we found out would average 5ft long (a personal favourite from our very own self-titled “wolf lover”). We then watched a video showing a top ten list of extinct animals which mentioned animals like the Javan tiger and the famous dodo bird. Both died due to being hunted.

We then began to make 4 sketches of some of the previously discussed animals while talking about the issues surrounding extinction, bringing back animals using their DNA Jurassic-Park style or (if and when science makes it possible) what 2 pets would you combine to make the perfect pet. Would you choose a mythological classic like the griffin or create a new never before thought of animal? The session ended with us watching a video about orangutans and how palm oil is destroying their environment and we then drew pictures of the adorable little guys.

All in all, a great week where the young people became more knowledgeable about how humans impact the planet and let their creativity loose by exploring the possibilities of the perfect pet.

We look forward to next week filled with great games and marvellous music where we will be taking a look at spoken word.


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