Culture Club, Week 10: Animation 2

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After a few hundred photos and a broken pencil or two, we have come to the end of the pilot for Culture Club. There were a few tears and an extended session due the young people not wanting to log off.

I am so proud to see the personal progressions that came from exploring so many subjects the last 10 weeks. Many found their voices and our final sessions were filled with their career aspirations and holiday goals. We all agreed if we found a money tree, we’d be on holiday anywhere in the world, but for many there was a discussion about revisiting a home abroad they knew.

Technology has played a massive part in the success of Culture Club while also acting as a barrier. My team has been working together to piece together the young people’s work to create a stop frame animation based on their personal experiences on our journey. I have been inspired by the talent and confidence shown by the young people and cannot wait to reveal the final edit.


More on that: last week, we exhibited the young people’s work from the past 10 weeks. Our exhibition will be launched to the participants and their families on Thursday 20th May 2021. We will showcase their artwork, celebrate their achievement, and tell them how they can get involved next.

We created amazing memories for these young people, and it’s been my honour to host their journey into reflective culture and art.

Blog post by Sarah