Culture Club, Week 8: Portraits

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Last week was great and not just because of how much the young people loved the session but also because of the weather! As we approach the final weeks of Culture Club, we took a closer look at ourselves, which really helped with the theme for this week: portraits!

We started off the session by looking at some different ways of creating portraits from cartoonish style (typical styles that you see in cartoons such as Scooby Doo or Garfield) to pointillism (an art style where an image is created from points instead of lines) and talking about each one to explain what was different about them. We then had the young people draw some portraits of me, Sarah and Savhanha; some of them however drew portraits in particular styles like line drawing (completing the image without lifting your pen/pencil of the paper) which all turned out great.

We then took a moment to show them some local portrait artists from around Birmingham that use different styles and took a moment to discuss their work before getting them to work on self-portraits for the rest of the session.

All in all, a great week spent exploring different art techniques and centering ordinary subjects in the portraits.

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