It Gets Lighter from Here: Friction Arts Joins Other Arts Organisations to Bring Hope for 2021

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We’re joining up with Culture Central to celebrate the Winter Solstice. But this year’s shortest day is like no other: the hope it symbolically represents has been overshadowed by strict lockdown measures with dancing naked at Stonehenge being ruled out altogether.

In response, and alongside lots of arts organisations across the region, we’ve worked with some of our regular artists to make short 1-minute films, moments of happiness under the banner It Gets Lighter From Here. The videos will be made available on Twitter via the hashtag #ItGetsLighterFromHere at Dusk on Monday 21st December 2020.

We hope you follow the event as it unfolds. As always, follow us on Twitter for updates @friction_arts

**UPDATE: you can see some of the videos below:

Sarah Ka introduces us to her friend Shanice
Flow, by Claire Whitcomb
Can You Feel Me Through My Hazmat by Sandra Hall (music by Atsuko Kamura)

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