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Hear Here is a series of arts and well-being workshops for women and girls taking place across Birmingham and Solihull. After a great first phase, we are now launching into phase 2 of the project, working up to an exhibition in the Shakespeare Room at The Library of Birmingham, launching on 9th August.

Working with Lead Artist Joanne Tremarco, participants will be introduced to textile and printing techniques to create a fabric patch that tells their story. This will then be stitched together along with stories and artwork of 100’s of other women to create a cloak of power that will be processed through the Library of Birmingham on 25th November (which is the International Day to end violence against women and girls).    


Suitcase of Archives

This project is about listening and hearing the voices of Birmingham’s women, documenting their stories, and supporting women to creatively represent themselves through the arts. These sessions will also include an introduction to wellbeing practices such as meditation, aromatherapy, and herbalism


As well as creating art, poems and possibly performances together we want to add your voice, your wisdom and the stories of the women you admire, and think should be remembered in the Birmingham Archives at the Library of Birmingham.


We will be hosting several drop-in workshops at various libraries and community centres around Birmingham and Solihull this July and August. If you are interested in taking part please send an email and she will be able to give you a full list of workshop dates once they’ve all been confirmed.

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Our Lead Artist: Joanne Tremarco is an Interdisciplinary artist with 20 years’ experience of making thoughtful work with and for a range of communities, supporting people to make beautiful creations out of their lived experience.  She works as a performer, director, writer, painter, sculptor, and installation artist.  As a performer she has toured improvised plays internationally with the aim of shedding light, bringing laughter, and empowering women to feel that their voice matters.  

To get involved, or for more information, email

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