Throughout this project different groups of young people and local communities were asked to think about power and leadership. The Throne itself was created by Young People in our Arts Club, with Lead Art Club Artist Heidi Pendergrast, in the month before King Charles III coronation and was used throughout the project to provoke thought and comment in workshops, activities and exhibitions. Themes explored included power and leadership and there were some very in-depth conversations provoked during the creation and installation of the throne.

The Throne was a centre piece for activities and a Coronation Party at the Edge before going on tour in Stechford. It has been used in workshops at Stechford Baptist Church, St Francis Road Allotments, Stechford Primary and Corpus Christi RC Primary School. The Throne is at present a part of At Home With Friction Exhibition at the Library of Birmingham, and will be returned to Corpus Christi RC Primary Allotment – ‘The Kings Garden’, as a storytelling chair in the Forest School area.

Workshops led by
Joanne Tremarco, Michael Mihoc and Marcus Belben

Photography and film making thanks to:
Soheila Javaheri, Kate Green and Vanley Burke

Thanks to:

  • Corpus Christi RC Primary School
  • Heidi Pendergrast, Sanj Kavanagh, Ebrahim Nazier & Friction Art Club
  • Mrs. McGhie-Belgrave MBE of Shades of Black
  • Stechford Primary School
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