Quiet Carnival

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Performance and art 29th August 2020

At the Edge 79-81 Cheapside Deritend B12 0QH

Is it safe?

As we emerge into a new paradigm, how do artists and audiences get to engage? How do we make ourselves feel safe in a time when going to the shops feels like a game of Russian Roulette?

Quiet Carnival will explore ways of making and presenting artworks, performances and interactive experiences with artists from across all disciplines bringing them and their work into contact with the outside world for the first time since ‘The Before Time’.

Carnival has been a way of upsetting the apple-cart, overturning hierarchies and burning off energy in a chaotic and celebratory form since Medieval times, taken on by cultures across the world as a way of blowing off steam and challenging the powers that be.

On Saturday 29th August 2020, we’ll be hosting this special, one-off event of music, performance, visual art and theatre in the outdoor spaces in and around our home, The Edge. The event will be ticket only, and hosted by a team of performers who will be tasked to keep the audience safe.

Our Insecurity Team will be on hand to ensure your safety and comfort. Each audience member will be assigned their own ‘station’, to which they can return at any time, after sampling the visual art, performance and live music on offer in the yard and building.

Confirmed artists and performers: Robyn Woolston, Bethany Kay, Claire Whitcomb, Albert Smith, Mark Murphy, Odmansbox, Tyrone Huggins, Sarah Kaur, Germa Adan, The Insecurity Team, Sebastian Hau-Walker, Ben Jones, Sandra Hall, Yas Lime, Redhawk Logistica, Doctor David Ethics and more to be confirmed.

The event will be presented in a series of four, one and a half hour long ‘cycles’ with a small live audience attending each one. There will be static, repeated and one-off performances and installations for the audience to experience during each cycle. The event will also be livestreamed during the Ritual Weekender event. Tickets will be a minimum donation of £3, all proceeds will go to artists and performers at the event.

Tickets available via Eventbrite here

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