Announcement: Culture Club and New Partner, Sarah Kaur

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We’re adding a new community club for young people: Culture Club. It will celebrate and share the cultural identities of Birmingham’s diverse young people using a wide range of arts techniques, artists and art from around the world. What makes Culture Club different is that the curriculum will be co-designed by the participants themselves, shaped by questionnaires, focus groups, and open discussion. It will help them build skills, give them focus, and explore their identities in a group and in their communities.

Primarily, we’ll be working with young people aged 8 to 13 who are not in formal education for an initial pilot project to run in early 2021. We’ll run weekly sessions with two small groups and will help us develop a relevant curriculum for future iterations of the project. Our vision is to have a ‘Culture Club in every neighbourhood’.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Sarah Kaur. She is a trailblazing artist and has contributed to several of Friction Arts’ projects from Multicultural Music Making, Walking Over Coals, and most recently Quiet Carnival. We are incredibly excited by the empowering opportunity Culture Club offers to local young people and the dynamic and innovative approach Sarah will bring to Friction in this new role.

For updates to the project, visit the Culture Club project page.

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